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Chapter 103: Magnu

Deep progressive rock

Don’t get whiplash as we jump to a challenge room from the galactic edges of progressive rock. How prog is too prog? No prog, of course! There’s no need to fear multi-movement song suites labeled with Roman numerals, songs written in the invented language of Kobaïan, or ten minute LSD-fueled guitar solos played by Eddie Hazel under the mistaken belief that his mother had died. These frankly absurd artists aren’t great despite being pretentious and bombastic, they’re great because they’re pretentious and bombastic.
1. Hawkwind


2. Magma

Mëkanïk Kömmandöh

3. Henry Cow

Bittern Storm Over Ulm*

4. King Crimson

21st Century Schizoid Man

5. Funkadelic

Maggot Brain

6. Van Der Graaf Generator


7. Jethro Tull

Heavy Horses

8. King Crimson


9. Frank Zappa


10. Yes

Close To the Edge (I. The Solid Time of Change, II. Total Mass Retain, III. I Get Up I Get Down, IV. Seasons of Man)

*Not on Spotify