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Chapter 105: Vibe Mambo

Calypso, salsa & Caribbean music

A tropical assortment of calypso, mento, soca, salsa, boogaloo, zouk, and more wildly diverse sounds of the Caribbean islands. (And we haven’t even gotten to reggae! I doubt any region of the world has a higher musical creativity to population ratio.) I plan to beef up this section in the 2nd Edition - I could fill a whole chapter with zouk alone, the jet-speed MIDI funk perfected by Haitian bands like Kassav’. In the meantime, I’m content to sip a daiquiri and enjoy the contagious vibes.
1. Joe Cuba

Bang! Bang!

2. Harry Belafonte

Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)

3. Machito

Congo Mulence

4. Ismael Miranda

Así Se Compone un Son

5. Kassav'

Zouk-la Sé Sel Médikaman Nou Ni

6. Lord Kitchener

Love in the Cemetery

7. Tito Puente

Vibe Mambo

8. The Mighty Sparrow

Tobago Girl

9. Alan Cavé

Se Pa Pou Dat

10. Walter Ferguson

Going to Bocas