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Chapter 112: Gonna Fly Now

Jazzy film scores

This collection of jazz and funk-influenced film & TV themes will set off different nostalgic triggers for every listener. For me, the big one is The Pink Panther theme; I only saw the film once, but I watched the not-great cartoons a bunch, and they all made liberal use of that slinky feline strut. Mancini’s bass is as icy cool as Conti’s Rocky theme is bottled fire, pure motivation. It’s not all energy and ecstasy though - Herrmann and Badalamenti used jazz signifiers in their work to evoke creeping, unstoppable dread.
1. Seatbelts


2. Henry Mancini

The Pink Panther Theme

3. Lalo Schifrin

Enter The Dragon: Main Theme

4. Jan Hammer

Crockett's Theme

5. David Shire

The Taking Of Pelham 123: Main Title

6. John Barry

The James Bond Theme

7. Vince Guaraldi Trio

Linus and Lucy

8. Bernard Herrmann

Taxi Driver: Main Title

9. Bill Conti

Gonna Fly Now

10. Angelo Badalamenti

Twin Peaks Theme

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