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Chapter 114: Kill Yr Idols

Avant-garde & outsider

A crooked and deranged set of antagonistic sounds and confounding choices. It’s a challenge room no doubt, but you could never accuse music like this of being boring - it hijacks your attention like a car crash. It’s funny, too! Brats like Iggy Pop and Lou Reed know exactly what they’re doing when they scream pointlessly or stretch a dumb riff beyond all reason. Even true outsider artists like The Shaggs and Daniel Johnston are often trying to make you laugh; Johnston’s call for “everybody” to join in on the final chorus of “Grievances” deserves 100 comedy points.
1. The Shaggs

My Pal Foot Foot

2. The Stooges

L.A. Blues

3. This Heat

Paper Hats*

4. Nihilist Spasm Band

Dog Face Man

5. Daniel Johnston

Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Your Grievances

6. Sonic Youth

Kill Yr Idols

7. Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention

Brown Shoes Don't Make It

8. Nico

Lawns Of Dawn

9. The Velvet Underground

Sister Ray

10. Daniel Johnston

Devil Town

*Not on Spotify