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Chapter 118: I Am Sky

Electronic experiments & new age

By the 70s, electronic music was no longer just an academic curiosity - musicians were learning to tame synthesizers, and synth beats were appearing everywhere from German prog to Italian disco. But these tinkerers were still operating on the proverbial untapped well, with oceans of potential underneath their feet. Here are ten electronic expeditions down the well that will wrinkle your brain, fill your heart, and even cleanse your aura, in the case of New Age spiritual-but-not-religious meditations like “Morning Splendor.”
1. Pauline Anna Strom

Morning Splendor

2. Jean-Michel Jarre

Equinoxe, Pt. 5

3. Frank Zappa

G-Spot Tornado

4. Raymond Scott

Cindy Electronium

5. Bruce Haack


6. Dick Raaijmakers

Song of the Second Moon

7. Erkki Salmenhaara

Information Explosion, Prologue*

8. Perrey & Kingsley

The Unidentified Flying Object

9. Suzanne Ciani

The Fifth Wave: Water Lullaby

10. Laraaji

I Am Sky

*Not on Spotify