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Chapter 126: Cherry Bomb

Punk, art-punk & post-punk

Bands like The Jam and The Runaways bridged the embryonic underground rock scene of the early 70s and the punk explosion just on the horizon, a true blip in time that can’t be replicated. Some groups were self-consciously arty, like the literal art school brats in Talking Heads, or Television building the towering sculpture that is “Marquee Moon.” Others ran as far from pretension as possible, like the guileless Jonathan Richman blasting his radio on “Road Runner,” and The Ramones keeping things radically simple.
1. Crass


2. The Runaways

Cherry Bomb

3. The Modern Lovers


4. Talking Heads

Psycho Killer

5. Television

Marquee Moon

6. Ramones

I Wanna Be Sedated

7. The Clash

Death Or Glory

8. The Jam

The Eton Rifles

9. Plastic Bertrand

Ça plane pour moi

10. The Stranglers

Walk On By