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Chapter 128: Wasted Life

British punk

Do you believe in art? The explosive first wave of British punk was remarkably short, as if someone set off a decade’s worth of New Year’s fireworks in one blast. You can sense the shackles of living under social repression being thrown off; every distorted note and yelp feels as necessary as oxygen. It’s not nihilistic music - as even Johnny Rotten would admit, you don’t write a song like “God Save The Queen” because you hate people, you write it because you love them and want a better world. These exhilarating songs make the case for caring.
1. Sex Pistols

God Save the Queen

2. The Damned

New Rose

3. Buzzcocks

Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)

4. Swell Maps

H.S. Art

5. The Saints

Erotic Neurotic

6. Mekons

Where Were You?

7. Skids

Into The Valley

8. The Clash

Safe European Home

9. X-Ray Spex

Oh Bondage Up Yours!

10. Stiff Little Fingers

Wasted Life