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Chapter 133: Beyond Good And Evil


‘Angular guitars’ are one of the great cliches of indie rock album reviews. It’s unclear how an intangible sound could possibly be ‘angular,’ but when you hear the needlepoint main riff of “Damaged Goods,” you get it instinctively. Hard angles are all over this post-punk chapter, slicing “Typical Girls” into jarring sections, or providing the bouncing ball beat of the acidic “Spoilt Victorian Child.” On the extra spiky “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” Bauhaus toys with reggae’s dub techniques, then sucks the lifeblood from them.
1. Gang of Four

Damaged Goods*

2. The Fall

Spoilt Victorian Child

3. Suicide

Ghost Rider

4. Wire

Practice Makes Perfect

5. Bauhaus

Bela Lugosi's Dead

6. The Pop Group

She Is Beyond Good and Evil

7. The Slits

Typical Girls

8. Gang Of Four


9. Joy Division


10. The Fall

Lay Of The Land

*Not on Spotify