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Chapter 136: Computer Love

Electronic disco and synth pop

One of the most influential songs in music history, Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder’s “I Feel Love” is almost single-handedly responsible for electronic dance music. It’s technically disco, but icy and inhuman; you can feel your blood vessels turn to circuit wire as you dance. The songs that followed in “I Feel Love”’s wake are equally cool, in every sense of the word. But they sit in tension with pockets of magmatic warmth, in the gaze of “Temptation,” the angsty pulse of “Walking On Thin Ice,” and the android ache of “Computer Love.”
1. Donna Summer

I Feel Love

2. Yoko Ono

Walking On Thin Ice*

3. New Order

Blue Monday (12" Mix)

4. Gino Soccio


5. New Order

Bizarre Love Triangle

6. Giorgio Moroder

First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love

7. Parvati Khan

Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja

8. Manuel Göttsching

E2-E4: Ansatz*

9. New Order


10. Kraftwerk

Computer Love

*Not on Spotify