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Chapter 138: So What?

Hardcore punk and punk metal

This 22 minute whirlwind of a set is so compact, the 3:32 “Butcher Baby” feels like an epic. You have to respect how efficient and bullshit-free hardcore and punk-metal is (even before accounting for the influence of no-meat, no-drugs, straight edge godfathers Minor Threat.) Want intros? You’re lucky to get four terse drumstick hits. Middle eights? “Ace Of Spades” only has time for a middle six. The riffs are scalding, the tempo consistently set to “as fast as possible.” Don’t like it? Anti-Nowhere League would like you to know: they don’t give a shit.
1. D.R.I.

I Don't Need Society

2. Motörhead

Ace Of Spades

3. Gorilla Biscuits

New Direction

4. Adolescents


5. Bad Brains

Pay to Cum

6. The Circle Jerks

Live Fast Die Young

7. Black Flag

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

8. Minor Threat

It Follows

9. Anti-Nowhere League

So What?

10. Plasmatics

Butcher Baby*

*Not on Spotify