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Chapter 143: Moisture

Comedy rock

OK, caveat up front - the jokes in this chapter are pretty dumb. Comic premises range from all the things you can’t do with fish heads, to questionable AIDS bits, to thinking the words “bird” or “moist” sound weird. Three of these songs are just about cussin’. (“Amish Paradise”? Still funny.) But these dumb jokes become glorious when played with such goofy gusto; and the musicianship is legit, proven by the disturbing burbles the Residents whip up for “Moisture” and Deaner’s killer guitar solo on “You Fucked Up.”
1. "Weird Al" Yankovic

Eat It

2. The Dead Milkmen

Bitchin' Camaro

3. The Trashmen

Surfin' Bird

4. Barnes & Barnes

Fish Heads

5. The Residents


6. The Clovers

The Rotten Cocksuckers Ball

7. "Weird Al" Yankovic

Amish Paradise

8. Ween

You Fucked Up

9. They Might Be Giants

Particle Man

10. NOFX

Please Play This Song On the Radio