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Chapter 154: The Shining Path

Experimental rock & post-rock

During the brief period I tried to learn electric guitar, I spent about 30% of my time hopelessly attempting barre chords, and 70% messing with my amp to get the gnarliest distortion possible. Nothing beats a really punishing gale of guitar noise, like a Swedish massage for the ears. The first half of this chapter is full of exquisite distortion: Wire’s pulsing flange, Love And Rockets’ barreling storm, My Bloody Valentine’s obsessively-mixed whale cries. The second half is cleaner, but does include, thanks to Phil Collins, the perfect (slightly crunchy) drum fill.
1. Wire

Map Ref. 41°N 93°W

2. Love and Rockets

Kundalini Express

3. Sonic Youth

Teen Age Riot

4. Talk Talk

Ascension Day

5. My Bloody Valentine

I Only Said

6. David Bowie

Station to Station

7. Phil Collins

In the Air Tonight

8. Talking Heads

Life During Wartime

9. Sun City Girls

The Shining Path

10. The Smiths

How Soon Is Now?