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Chapter 165: Run To The Hills

(Mostly) 80s metal

Whatever happened to the high-pitched metal power screamer? There’s still a thriving metal scene today, but modern convention prefers a guttural demon burbling up from the mix. Demons can be high-pitched and piercing too! Like Rob Halford on “Painkiller,” a banshee swooping down at you from every angle, or Bruce Dickinson harmonizing with himself on “The Trooper” like an unholy Hadean chorus. I wish the style would make a comeback; when it comes to the low pitched guys, though, it’s hard to beat the vampiric gravitas of Glenn Danzig.
1. Iron Maiden

Run to the Hills

2. Danzig


3. Mercyful Fate

The Oath

4. Metallica

Enter Sandman

5. Bulldozer

Cut Throat*

6. Danzig

Her Black Wings

7. Iron Maiden

The Trooper

8. Wolfmother


9. Judas Priest


10. Metallica


*Not on Spotify