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Chapter 167: Promised Land

Early house & techno

To marginalized groups, including the gay men of color who founded the Chicago house scene, futurism holds a natural appeal; if the past was awful and the present is not great, why not imagine the coming utopia? It makes sense that pioneers like Derrick May and Joe Smooth would not only be attracted to the unreal, robotic sounds of house, but explicitly tie it to liberation on songs like “Promised Land.” Most of these songs deliver on that promise, building a sanctuary within drum pads and synths. Also the Mortal Kombat theme is here.
1. Mr. Fingers

Can You Feel It

2. 808 State

Pacific 707 (Pacific State)

3. Cybotron


4. Derrick May

Strings of Life

5. Joe Smooth

Promised Land

6. The Immortals

Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat)

7. Technotronic

Pump Up The Jam

8. E.S.P.

It's You*

9. A Guy Called Gerald

Forever Changing*

10. Phuture

Acid Tracks

*Not on Spotify