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Chapter 171: Rude

Reggae rock & ska-punk

Cultural appropriation is a topic I really wrestle with. At this point in the Anthology, it’s clear the entire history of music is disparate groups copying ideas from each other - but more often than not, that means white artists copying black artists, and reaping much of the associated fame and fortune. Still, for instance, when suburban white American kids discovered reggae and ska and started playing like their idols, they made the genre their own - the punk energy of Reel Big Fish and Op Ivy, the snotty lyricism of Sublime, and the metal edges of 311 are thrilling innovations.
1. Madness

One Step Beyond

2. Sublime


3. 311

All Mixed Up

4. Elvis Costello

Watching the Detectives

5. Reel Big Fish

Sell Out

6. The Specials

Ghost Town

7. Operation Ivy


8. Magic!


9. Sublime


10. Toots & The Maytals

Pressure Drop