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Chapter 177: Zone

8-bit, electronic & video game scores

My taste in video game music definitely skews towards the classic: chunky and addictive 8- and 16-bit loops from gaming’s early days. I plan to expand my modern game selection for the next Anthology edition, but I’m endlessly charmed by the invention and grit of composers like Koji Kondo, crafting little masterpieces with extremely limited tools. Joining them are a pair of megahit movie scores that blazed their own electronic trails, and an earworm from Anamanaguchi, one of many stellar chiptune bands elaborating on these little loops.
1. Vangelis

Chariots Of Fire

2. Nobuo Oematsu


3. Harold Faltermeyer

Axel F

4. Hirokazu Tanaka

Tetris Theme (Korobeiniki)

5. Hiroshige Tonomura

The Moon

6. Koji Kondo

Super Mario Bros 2: Main Theme

7. Keiji Yamagishi

The Amazing Ryu

8. Masato Nakamura

Green Hill Zone

9. Anamanaguchi

Dawn Metropolis

10. Yasunori Mitsuda

Wind Scene