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Chapter 191: Send In The Clouds

Indie rock

An old coworker of mine despised Pavement; his complaint was that it didn’t seem like they cared about anything, they’d just go on stage or in studio and screw around, and it insulted him as a listener. How well that 90s slacker mentality holds up depends on whether you think it’s real; I suspect it’s a front. Stephen Malkmus is trying hard to write great rock songs (and succeeding), his insouciant presence disguising a sensitive craftsman’s soul. Most of the songs in this set could be described as ‘ramshackle,’ but they’re all minor miracles of songwriting.
1. Pavement

Cut Your Hair

2. Liz Phair

Divorce Song

3. Archers Of Loaf

Web In Front

4. Meat Puppets


5. Guided by Voices

Game Of Pricks

6. Pavement

In This Mouth A Desert

7. Pinback


8. Unrest

Make Out Club

9. Silver Jews

Send In the Clouds

10. Pavement

Rattled By The Rush