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Chapter 226: Midnight in a Perfect World

Trip-hop, dubstep & downtempo electronic

This chapter cuts across many styles of downtempo electronic music, but it’s remarkably unified in mood, rain-soaked and restless yet full of blasé cool. Bjork commands an army of beatboxers and arcane vocalists to execute her alien blitzkrieg; Andy Stott turns inward for his vocal study, pulling phonemes apart and teasing them into pure architecture. The techno minimalism of Surgeon is as precise as you’d expect, while Portishead and Massive Attack pair stark hip-hop rhythms with plaintive, soaring melodies.
1. Andy Stott


2. DJ Shadow

Midnight in a Perfect World

3. Björk

Where Is the Line

4. Skream

Midnight Request Line

5. Shackleton

Blood on My Hands

6. Porter Ricks

Biokinetics 1

7. Surgeon

The Power of Doubt

8. Massive Attack


9. Tricky

Aftermath (Version One)

10. Portishead

Glory Box