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Chapter 248: Notorious Lightning

Adventurous indie

Joanna Newsom isn’t on Spotify, and that’s a tragedy! She’s a truly sui generis artist, proof you can be at once eggheadedly verbose and as catchy as any pop tune. She gets three selections in this gorgeous and strange chapter, which turns on the unexpected choices that elevate a song from interesting to sublime. These include: coating “Monkey & Bear” in curdled Bambi strings, stripping “Idioteque” down to glitchy 5/4 drums and a reedy synth, and sewing a handful of irregular fragments into the stormy patchwork monster that is “Chief Inspector Blancheflower.”
1. Destroyer

Notorious Lightning

2. Of Montreal

An Eluardian Instance

3. Joanna Newsom


4. The Fiery Furnaces

Chief Inspector Blancheflower

5. Secret Machines

First Wave Intact

6. Joanna Newsom

Monkey & Bear*

7. Radiohead


8. Beck

Lonesome Tears

9. Joanna Newsom

Good Intentions Paving Co.*

10. Of Montreal

The Past Is A Grotesque Animal

*Not on Spotify