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Chapter 255: The Place Only We Know

Asian & Eastern European pop

International pop music hit an event horizon in the 21st century; no longer simply riffing on American music, emerging stars in Indonesia, Vietnam and Moldova synthesized foreign influences with their own maturing pop scenes. Listening to this set can feel like stepping into an alternate universe, where everything is familiar but slightly off in a thousand ways. Chrisye nails the weepy power ballad, Malaysia’s Kru! is an exemplary boy band, and the Ukranian Ruslana packs more bells and whistles into “Wild Dances” than Max Martin could dream of.
1. Chrisye

Seperti Yang Kau Minta

2. Kru

Ooh! La! La!

3. Trang Anh Tho

Trộm Nhìn Nhau (ft. Le Minh Trung)*

4. Ruslana

Wild Dances

5. Brilliant Dadasova

Men Gülem (ft. Alihan Samedov)

6. Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa

Leeeć (ft. Mercedes Peón)

7. Masala

Cały Ten Świat

8. Milk + Coffee

The Place Only We Know

9. TRF

survival dAnce ~no no cry more~

10. O-Zone

Dragostea Din Tei

*Not on Spotify