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Chapter 261: Lightworks

Instrumental hip-hop & IDM

Rhythms operate on us like little machines; certain notes in the right order have the power to excite the cerebellum and inspire movement. Most of us experience rhythm on this instinctual level, but some producers are cerebral tinkerers, breaking apart the machines to see how they work. J Dilla was a font of curiosity who could hear beats in everything, even obscure Raymond Scott experiments. Four Tet is one of dance music’s great deconstructionists, flipping the rhythm of “As Serious As Your Life” ten different ways, while Jlin reshapes the joyful patterns of footwork into something sinister.
1. J Dilla


2. Four Tet

As Serious As Your Life

3. Against All Logic

I Never Dream

4. Autechre


5. Sleepdealer


6. Jlin


7. RJD2


8. Boards of Canada

Happy Cycling

9. Clams Casino

All I Need

10. Fuck Buttons

The Red Wing