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Chapter 279: Shut Up And Dance

10s pop rock

Is the music that dominated the Billboard rock charts in the 10s really “rock”? Questionable. But strip away that limiting context, and you may have more appreciation for some of the strangest, riskiest popular hits of the last decade. “Radioactive” grafts a dubstep rhythm to cranky rock vocals. “Pompeii” outsources its hook to what sounds like a Gregorian choir. “Little Lion Man” throws a rowdy F bomb into the chorus, making it paradoxically sweeter and more vulnerable. Paramore pulled off an astonishing pivot, trading mall-emo for brilliant xylophone-driven new wave.
1. Foster the People

Pumped Up Kicks

2. Paramore

Ain't It Fun

3. Bastille


4. Gotye

Somebody That I Used to Know (ft. Kimbra)

5. Imagine Dragons


6. The Black Keys

Tighten Up

7. Twenty One Pilots


8. Walk the Moon

Shut Up and Dance

9. Paramore

Hard Times

10. Mumford & Sons

Little Lion Man