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Chapter 34: Eyesight To The Blind

50s blues

This chapter is practically a confessional booth - these singers, inhabiting lovers both wronged and wrong, have blues they must unburden, stories they have to get off their chest. You feel that desperation for closure or absolution in every syllable of tracks like “My Daily Wish” and “Bad Bad Whiskey,” But there are other notes being played here too, from the dual roast routine “Double Crossing Blues” to John Lee Hooker plumbing the grimy depths of the genre on “Crawling King Snake.”
1. Otis Spann

My Daily Wish

2. Muddy Waters

I Can't Be Satisfied

3. Ivory Joe Hunter

I Almost Lost My Mind

4. Amos Milbourne

Bad Bad Whiskey

5. Ruth Brown

Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean

6. Sonny Boy Williamson

Eyesight To The Blind

7. John Lee Hooker

Crawling King Snake

8. Johnny Otis Quintet

Double Crossing Blues

9. Slim Harpo

I'm a King Bee

10. Otis Rush

I Can't Quit You Baby