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Chapter 39: Roll Over Beethoven

Seminal rock & roll hits

I first heard these 50s rock hits flipping through a coin-operated tableside jukebox at Johnny Rockets. (With the exception of “Space Guitar” - Johnny Rockets wasn’t that hip.) This is rock and roll at its cheesy peak - for the best listening experience, pretend you’ve never seen someone dance on a table to a medley of these songs, and appreciate them as pure joy-delivery mechanisms. In the right headspace, the just-behind-the-beat vocal delivery on “At The Hop” can leave you breathless.
1. Jerry Lee Lewis

Great Balls of Fire

2. Chuck Berry

Roll Over Beethoven

3. Danny & The Juniors

At the Hop

4. Screamin' Jay Hawkins

I Put a Spell On You

5. Johnny "Guitar" Watson

Space Guitar

6. Little Richard


7. Ritchie Valens

La Bamba

8. The Coasters

Yakety Yak

9. Elvis Presley

Hound Dog

10. Chuck Berry

Johnny B. Goode