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Chapter 44: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

50s pop

This featherlight collection of pop tunes defined twee, long before starry-eyed indie bands would pick up that torch. Pretty and sweet with plenty of negative space, this music is at first listen too insubstantial to make much impression. Yet sharp songwriting from Neil Sedaka, incredible harmonies from the Everly Brothers, and the winning personalities of Buddy Holly and The Blue Diamonds makes this pop the sticky kind of sweet, musical cotton candy.
1. Buddy Holly


2. The Everly Brothers

All I Have To Do Is Dream

3. Neil Sedaka

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

4. Blue Diamonds


5. Pat Boone

Love Letters in the Sand

6. The Fleetwoods

Come Softly to Me

7. Neil Sedaka

Oh! Carol

8. The Everly Brothers

Bye Bye Love

9. The Diamonds

Little Darlin'

10. Santo and Johnny