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Chapter 71: Born To Be Wild

60s classic rock

I’ve had two major radio-devotee phases in my life - first as a high schooler obsessed with KROQ, then immediately post-college, when I got a car with neither CD deck nor aux cord, so became a daily listener of LA’s classic rock station 100.3 The Sound. Classic rock works well in an album format but brilliantly as radio; it’s high energy, sonically diverse, perfect driving music. These classic rock radio staples have their spots secured in the canon, but just in case you needed a reminder: these songs rule and will never die.
1. The Beatles

Hey Jude

2. The Who

Pinball Wizard

3. The Doors

People Are Strange

4. Steppenwolf

Born To Be Wild

5. Bob Dylan

Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again

6. Neil Diamond

Sweet Caroline

7. Three Dog Night


8. Chicago

25 or 6 to 4

9. The Beatles

Eleanor Rigby

10. The Who

A Quick One, While He's Away