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Chapter 77: Mind Flowers

Experimental & psychedelic rock

A challenge room? I guess...but these songs from the loopy experimental edge of 60s psych rock are almost adorably tame, like the Fisher-Price version of a drug trip. Ultimate Spinach outdoes Jim Morrison in faux-profundity, and The Zodiac is literal astrology in song. It’s all quite stupid and fun, when it’s not completely spellbinding, like the heart-pumping thriller “Oscillations” or “Caledonia”’s death wail.
1. Comus


2. Silver Apples


3. Pink Floyd

Interstellar Overdrive

4. The Zodiac

Taurus - The Voluptuary

5. The Crazy People

Head Games and Other Assorted Crap

6. Ultimate Spinach

Mind Flowers

7. The United States Of America

The American Metaphysical Circus

8. Cromagnon


9. The Freeborne

Land of Diana

10. The Grateful Dead

Turn on Your Love Light (2/14/68)*

*Not on Spotify