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Chapter 9: Aloha

Folk and pop folk from around the world

Book your seat now for a jet-setting excursion from the Richmond Anthology travel agency. Here you’ll find folk songs, and pop interpretations of folk songs, so popular they’ve become Western shorthand for whole regions of the world. Other picks, like a Finnish tune performed by the Toive Folk Ensemble, are less well known but just as transportive. Raise your Oktoberfest stein with back to back polkas, before coming down with some “Jasmine Flower” tea.
1. The Polynesians

Aloha Oe

2. Marcel Azzolo

Reine de Musette

3. Bill Sevesi

Tahiti Nui

4. Die Original Bayrischen Schuhplattler


5. Frankie Yankovic

Ei Ei Ei O Polka

6. Grand Kalle et l'African Jazz

Jamais Kolonga

7. Nelson y Sus Estrellas

Aguardiente y Pollo

8. Toive Folk Ensemble

Konevitsan Kirkonkellot

9. Donna Marie

Jasmine Flower

10. Martin Hayes Quartet

Brennan's Reel