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Chapter 90: Ballrooms Of Mars

Late British Invasion rock

Invasions by their very nature can only last so long, and the British Invasion necessarily gave way to the British Occupation. Bands like The Who and The Rolling Stones weren’t going anywhere as the 70s began; they did become bigger and more grandiose in conquest though, with extravagant song structures and apocalyptic lyrics. Meanwhile, T. Rex and Queen took this extravagance as a starting point (or reinvention for Marc Bolan), experimenting with androgyny and setting the stage for glam rock.
1. Paul McCartney & Wings

Band On the Run

2. T. Rex


3. Jethro Tull


4. Badfinger

Baby Blue

5. Queen

Killer Queen

6. Pink Floyd

Wish You Were Here

7. The Kinks


8. The Who

Baba O'Riley

9. The Rolling Stones

Gimme Shelter

10. T. Rex

Ballrooms of Mars