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Chapter 95: Lessons

Avant-garde & minimalist classical

This challenge room that includes some of the 20th century’s most austere and mathematical experimental works is also the longest chapter by far. You may feel impatient at spots while listening, possibly even before the first track, a 12 minute meditation on five words, is over. But the length is crucial to the experience: over time, repetition becomes hypnosis, and unintelligible noise becomes distinctive and leviathan, as on Glenn Branca’s “The Ascension.” Once you let this stuff rewire your brain, you’ll never be the same.
1. Steve Reich

Come Out

2. Gavin Bryars Ensemble

Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (Single Version ft. Tom Waits)

3. Harry Partch

Barstow: 8 Hitchhikers' Inscriptions

4. Pauline Oliveros

Bye Bye Butterfly

5. Bernard Szajner

Shaï Hulud

6. Laurie Anderson

O Superman (For Massenet)

7. AK Process

Electronic Music*

8. Terry Riley

A Rainbow in Curved Air

9. Steve Reich

Drumming: Part IV

10. Glenn Branca

The Ascension*

*Not on Spotify