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Chapter 97: Morning Dew

Melancholy folk & folk rock

I love all the voices drifting through this misty folk collection. Compare the rich depths of Nico and Tracy Chapman with the faerie flitter of Bonnie Dobson, or the effortful croak of Leonard Cohen with the electric harmonies of the Roches. Cohen doesn’t seem like he’ll hold your attention at first, but he imbues his words with subtle gradations that no one else could. And the rare solo, stripped-down Bob Marley song proves what an incredible, expressive singer he is.
1. Nico

These Days

2. Leonard Cohen


3. Bonnie Dobson

Take Me for a Walk (Morning Dew)

4. Jim Croce

Time In a Bottle

5. Tracy Chapman

Fast Car

6. Simon & Garfunkel

Bleecker Street

7. Karen Dalton

It Hurts Me Too

8. Leonard Cohen

Famous Blue Raincoat

9. The Roches

Hammond Song

10. Bob Marley & The Wailers

Redemption Song