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Chapter 130: Psychic, Powerless

Experimental rock & tape manipulation

It’s weirdly thrilling to be disrespected by a song, like watching a brilliant magician who treats you like an idiot. This can only partly explain why “Sweat Loaf” is my favorite album opener’ll have to listen for yourself. The Butthole Surfers and Frank Zappa based their entire careers on this kind of disrespect, sharing a penchant for confrontational tape manipulation with electronic peers like Negativland. As a bonus chest in this challenge room, I smuggled in “You’re So Vain,” a near miss for the Anthology, albeit in corrupted form...
1. Butthole Surfers

Sweat Loaf

2. White Noise

Love Without Sound

3. Bob James Trio


4. Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention

What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?

5. Brainticket

Brainticket Part 1

6. Negativland

Christianity Is Stupid*

7. Laura Olsher

The Haunted House

8. Butthole Surfers

Lady Sniff

9. John Oswald


10. Boredoms

Super Are*

*Not on Spotify