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Chapter 131: Cars

New wave rock

Punk positioned itself as a natural enemy to progressive rock wankers, but both punk and prog are messy genres, that get wild and wooly to different extremes. New wave, on the other hand, isn’t messy; new wave is clean as a spit-shined Corvette. The 80s really begin here, with pristine keyboard-driven productions like “Beat The Clock” and “Whip It.” The quintessential new wave song might be “Just What I Needed,” a machine so perfectly built that a stray idiosyncratic detail (like the sudden rhythmic shift in verse two) thrills more than the wankiest ten minute guitar solo.
1. Gary Numan


2. Devo

Whip It

3. XTC

Making Plans For Nigel

4. Adam & The Ants

Kings of the Wild Frontier

5. Sparks

Beat the Clock

6. The Cars

Just What I Needed

7. Blondie

Call Me

8. The Police


9. Devo

Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA

10. Talking Heads

Once In A Lifetime