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Chapter 160: Malibu Beach Nightmare

Hair metal

Fans of every rebellious or scary youth genre must eventually come to terms with the passage of time, and the fact that one day, even Satan-loving bands like Mötley Crüe will seem harmless and silly. What’s left when you strip the hair (and spandex, and moral panic) away from hair metal? A Big Gulp’s worth of testosterone poured over damn catchy songs. “Malibu Beach Nightmare” is almost a Ramones song with more shredding, and Sebastian Bach’s operatic scream on “Monkey Business” will have you believing he made a deal with the devil.
1. Skid Row

Monkey Business

2. Mötley Crüe

Kickstart My Heart

3. Hanoi Rocks

Malibu Beach Nightmare

4. Def Leppard

Pour Some Sugar On Me

5. W.A.S.P.

Wild Child

6. Winger

Headed for a Heartbreak

7. Night Ranger

Sister Christian

8. Ratt

Round and Round

9. Scorpions

Rock You Like a Hurricane

10. Quiet Riot

Cum On Feel the Noize