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Chapter 161: Bastards Of Young

80s alternative rock

Alternative and indie rock has a reputation for being po-faced sad bastard music, but this collection of 80s alternative is a blast, bouncy and playful. Even weird experiments like “Rush” are handled with a light touch, as if you’re listening to pals pressing random buttons in the studio. Every frontman here has a fully formed personality, from Anthony Kiedis’ horny caveman to the stargazing nerds in They Might Be Giants. And few songs have captured the dizzy rush of falling in love better than “Just Like Heaven,” despite the heart-in-your-throat twist ending.
1. The Cure

Just Like Heaven

2. The Smiths

Still Ill

3. All

Paper Tiger

4. Meat Puppets


5. Big Audio Dynamite II


6. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Jungle Man

7. The Replacements

Bastards of Young

8. They Might Be Giants

Ana Ng

9. The Wedding Present


10. Pixies