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Chapter 163: Zion's Blood

Dub & electronic reggae

Only one of these dub innovators took on the name “Scientist,” but that label fits all of them well. Studio rats like Scientist, Jammy, and Lee “Scratch” Perry used the sturdy, hard-to-fuck-with structure of reggae as their base, then fucked with it a lot, mixing in delay after delay or dropping the beat dramatically just to see what would happen. Their tools were analog, but future researchers like Equiknoxx and Sun Araw brought the scientific method into the DAW era; the opening “Invocation” featuring Araw and the Congos is a highly potent chemical.
1. M. Geddes Gengras, Sun Araw & The Congos


2. The Upsetters

Zion's Blood

3. Prince Jammy

Jammy's A Shine

4. Equiknoxx

Enter a Raffle... Win a Falafel

5. King Tubby and the Aggrovators

A Rougher Version

6. Scientist

Your Teeth In My Neck

7. Nimco Jamaac

Buuraha U Dheer (The Highest Mountains)

8. Aswad


9. The Upsetters

Fever Grass Dub

10. Outkast