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Chapter 173: The Killing Moon

Goth & dark alternative rock

Goth pedants would surely place the goth level of this chapter somewhere between “Hot Topic” and “weekend Wiccan”. But these songs are all ‘gothic’ in the Victorian sense, penned by perpetual seekers obsessed with death, romance, and the romance of death. “Enjoy The Silence” is ironically titled, with Dave Gahan craving quiet as the synth arrangement around him becomes increasingly baroque. “Losing My Religion” plays with repetition to mimic the seasick feeling of losing your bearings. Two PJ Harvey cuts here prove her whispers are as terrifying as her shouts.
1. R.E.M.

Losing My Religion

2. Echo & the Bunnymen

The Killing Moon

3. Pixies

Where is My Mind

4. PJ Harvey

Rid Of Me

5. Depeche Mode

Enjoy the Silence

6. Siouxsie & The Banshees

Kiss Them for Me

7. The Cure

Fascination Street

8. The Smiths

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

9. Nine Inch Nails

Head Like a Hole

10. PJ Harvey

Down by the Water