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Chapter 174: It's Catching Up

90s hard rock

Pantera famously began their career as half-successful glam rockers, before finding their voice by downtuning their guitars and pursuing a far heavier path. Their transition mirrored the metamorphosis of hard rock in the early 90s into something angry and chaotic, while underlining that it’s ultimately a performance of chaos, a new way to excite the fans. Some of the most powerful moments in this set happen when the players stop just short of exploding, like the expertly balanced tension and release of “Breadcrumb Trail,” or the deadly, caustic crawl of “Then Comes Dudley.”
1. Nomeansno

It's Catching Up

2. Pantera


3. Fugazi


4. Pixies

Alec Eiffel

5. The Jesus Lizard

Then Comes Dudley

6. Slint

Breadcrumb Trail

7. Rush

Double Agent

8. Nine Inch Nails

Happiness in Slavery

9. Napalm Death


10. Slayer

South of Heaven