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Chapter 182: Devil's Haircut

Spooky pop & rock

“Spooky” is in heavy quotes here; these songs are dark camp (when they aren’t straight-up camp), perfect for Halloween parties and Tim Burton movies. The opening trio features some lustrous production, between Bjork’s icy electronics, the William Orbit assist on “Frozen,” and a “Day In The Life” aping crescendo on “Push It.” We also get two sides of Danny Elfman: the heroic composer of Burton’s best films, and the grinning demon ringleader of Oingo Boingo. The scariest moment here, and the realest, is Black Francis’ feral breakdown on “Hey.”
1. Björk


2. Garbage

Push It

3. Madonna


4. Beck

Devils Haircut

5. Danny Elfman

The Batman Theme

6. Tears for Fears

Break It Down Again

7. Oingo Boingo

Dead Man's Party

8. Pixies


9. Ray Parker Jr.


10. L7

Pretend We're Dead