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Chapter 183: Rusty Cage

Grunge & hard rock

Grunge shared more with classic rock than some of the genre’s stars might have cared to admit, full of shout-along choruses, big riffs and guitar heroics. The pituitary effect, though, is profoundly different, though, inducing fear, anger and dread; the rafter-raising joy of stadium rock has been tuned down and turned ugly. Grunge’s Big Four offer different flavors of angst: Alice In Chains’ near-hair-metal cockiness, Soundgarden’s heavy psychedelia, Nirvana’s scalding anger and Pearl Jam’s compassion and empathy. Gen X either didn’t understand how good they had it, or knew exactly what was coming.
1. Nirvana

Smells Like Teen Spirit

2. Alice In Chains

Man in the Box

3. Pearl Jam


4. Soundgarden

Rusty Cage

5. Hole

Doll Parts

6. Babes In Toyland

Bruise Violet

7. Melvins


8. Nirvana

Scentless Apprentice

9. Alice In Chains


10. Soundgarden

Head Down