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Chapter 186: Wicked Garden

Grunge & alt rock

Stone Temple Pilots released their first album to instant success in 1992, just after the first Nirvana-led wave of grunge crested. They were scoffed at by many for being derivative, an especially heinous crime in the authenticity-obsessed grunge scene, but time has been kind to Dean DeLeo’s glossy tone and Scott Weiland’s crooning vocals. Derivative’s not so bad in hindsight, and authenticity a bit overrated; now that rock has faded from the mainstream, it’s easier to appreciate the quality of even the second-tier bands in hard rock’s last truly great era.
1. Smashing Pumpkins

Cherub Rock

2. Jane's Addiction

Been Caught Stealing

3. Pearl Jam


4. Stone Temple Pilots

Wicked Garden

5. Nirvana

The Man Who Sold the World (Live)

6. Jane's Addiction

Ted, Just Admit It...

7. Faith No More


8. Stone Temple Pilots


9. Soundgarden

Burden In My Hand

10. Pearl Jam

Yellow Ledbetter