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Chapter 187: Slam

90s rap

You can all hear the cliche rap opening in your head: “Well my name is blank and I’m here to say…” That kind of stuck-to-the-beat, AABBCC rap style was common in rap’s first decade, until some of the more restless rappers started breaking free. Das EFX called it rapping with ‘effects,’ like switching to double time or inserting “iggity” after various syllables. Busta Rhymes wraps his unmistakable voice around words like he’s ripping them to shreds. Sticky Fingaz’ bellowing final verse on “Slam” goes miles off the beat, making him sound unpredictable, even dangerous.
1. Black Sheep

Flavor Of The Month

2. Snow


3. Busta Rhymes

Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check

4. Beastie Boys

So What'Cha Want

5. Onyx


6. Luniz

I Got 5 On It

7. Das EFX

They Want EFX

8. Kool G Rap

Fast Life

9. Naughty By Nature


10. Ultramagnetic MC's

Ego Trippin'