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Chapter 188: Disciples

Thrash metal

Spike your adrenaline with these head-snapping hits from the golden era of thrash metal. “Angel Of Death” has lost 0% of its power, as violent and unhinged as the song’s subject Josef Mengele. Metallica’s first five albums are unimpeachable, but they’ve delivered impressively as recently as 2016; “Spit Out The Bone” is up there with the best of their razor-wire double-time bashers. Annihilator is nowhere near as celebrated as thrash’s Big Four, but “Alison Hell” is a campy and brilliant rollercoaster epic.
1. Metallica

For Whom The Bell Tolls

2. Anthrax

Caught in a Mosh

3. Megadeth

Peace Sells

4. Pantera

Cemetery Gates

5. Slayer

Angel Of Death

6. Metallica

Spit Out the Bone

7. Annihilator

Alison Hell

8. Megadeth

Hangar 18

9. Slayer


10. Metallica

Master of Puppets