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Chapter 195: Struck A Nerve

Pop punk

High on the list of Josh Richmond’s Favorite Musical Tricks, alongside accelerando and pitch-shifting, is a wordless chorus, especially an extended closing wordless chorus. “Bro Hymn” has a fantastic one, burly and puckish, a sure-fire pit starter. All these songs from punk’s most populist era have a similar command of hooks and dynamics. Green Day and Bad Religion became brilliant pop songwriters, not by diluting the classic sound of The Damned and The Ramones, but by highlighting what made those pioneers stealth pop bands in the first place.
1. Blink 182


2. MIghty Mighty Bosstones

The Impression That I Get

3. Rancid


4. At The Drive In

One Armed Scissor

5. Bad Religion

Struck a Nerve

6. The Get Up Kids


7. Social Distortion

Story of My Life

8. Green Day

Basket Case

9. Offspring

Come Out And Play

10. Pennywise

Bro Hymn (Live)