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Chapter 197: Truly Madly Deeply

90s folk pop & ballads

Alanis Morrisette was way ahead of the curve on antibiotics. As she swears to get off of them early in “Thank U,” (thanks for not spreading MRSA Alanis!) it becomes clear she was ahead of more than that; the song, written on a soul-searching trip to India, was a major antecedent to “Eat Pray Love” and the entire concept of self-care. The folk-pop songs in this chapter share an empathy and generosity of spirit with “Thank U”; it’s refreshing to hear the emotional intelligence at work in “Stay”’s neurotic rush, or “If It Makes You Happy”’s yearning for deeper meaning.
1. Fiona Apple


2. Alanis Morissette

Thank U

3. Sheryl Crow

If It Makes You Happy

4. Dave Matthews Band

Crash Into Me

5. Lisa Loeb

Stay (I Missed You) 

6. Paula Cole

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

7. Savage Garden

Truly Madly Deeply

8. Sheryl Crow

Strong Enough

9. Whitney Houston

I Will Always Love You

10. Jeff Buckley