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Chapter 199: Burn Your House Down

Noise & extreme experimental

BEWARE. This is the challenge room to end all challenge rooms, a black hole of concentrated cosmic mayhem and terror. The rapid vacillation between shrieking death ballads and speaker-breaking power electronics may permanently destabilize you. Everything that happens after you press play is on you; by reading this, you’ve agreed to a waiver releasing me from all responsibility for your stupidity. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather skip ahead to Chapter 200? It’s a fun one. Even I usually skip this one. Well. All right then - I’ve done all I can.
1. Wolf Eyes

Burn Your House Down

2. Einstürzende Neubauten


3. Merzbow

Woodpecker No. 2

4. Diamanda Galás

Exeloyme (Deliver Me)

5. Coil

Tenderness Of Wolves*

6. Aaron Dilloway

Eight Cut Scars (For Robert Turman)

7. Sightings

Infinity of Stops

8. Whitehouse


9. Bill Orcutt

Sad News From Korea

10. Brighter Death Now


*Not on Spotify