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Chapter 200: Lump

Goofy alt rock

Intros are overrated. Sure, sometimes you want to build up anticipation for that first line, but confident songwriters don’t rely on buildup, they get straight to the good stuff. “The Distance,” “Lump” and “Sex And Candy” all start their first verse in second 0, forcing you to sit up and pay attention. (Weezer might have pulled this move off best on “Buddy Holly;” that song isn’t here but their social anxiety anthem “El Scorcho” is.) While none of these songs are wacky enough to treat as novelties, they contain some solid jokes - and some admittedly sick jokes (looking at you Primus).
1. Cake

The Distance

2. Presidents of the United States of America


3. Green Day

Brain Stew

4. Hole

Celebrity Skin

5. Primus

Jerry Was A Race Car Driver

6. The Reverend Horton Heat

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

7. Marcy Playground

Sex And Candy

8. Ween

Buckingham Green

9. Weezer

El Scorcho

10. Harvey Danger

Flagpole Sitta