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Chapter 2: Kyrie Eleison

Choral & early classical

Before humans mastered any other musical instrument, we mastered the voice. Classical and folk traditions in nearly every country are rooted in song, from lonely hanging melodies to mighty chorales. This mostly European collection of vocal music takes a detour to Tibet for a moment of Zen - otherwise, it’s eerie Ukranian refrains, stunning Georgian polyphony, and the blissful roots of the Western canon.
1. Hildegard von Bingen

Antiphon: O Quam Mirabilis Est

2. Ensemble Shavnabada

Sharatin (ft. Davit Tsintsadze)*

3. Guillaume de Machaut

Kyrie Eleison

4. Trio Bulgarka

Strati Angelaki Dumashe

5. Yungchen Llamo

Om Mani Padme Hung

6. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

Missa Brevis: Sanctus & Benedictus

7. Pérotin

Alleluia, Posui Adiutorium

8. Gustav Mahler

Symphony No. 2: Wieder Ser Breit

9. George Frideric Handel

Messiah: Hallelujah

10. Unknown Ukrainian chorus

Somwhere Behind the Grove

*Not on Spotify