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Chapter 3: Whiskey In The Jar

British folk (and British folk-inspired)

The Anthology heads to the British Isles, where we’ll find the first English language songs being whipped up by clever bards. Some of these tunes originate as far back as the 16th century (here tackled by faithful interpreters like The Dubliners and Tia Blake). But you’ll also find original songs in high Renaissance style, and a true prog rock saga with Fairport Convention’s take on the 400 year old “Tam Lin.”
1. Scots Guards

The Garb of Old Gaul

2. The City Waites & Lucie Skeaping

The Baffled Knight

3. John Spiers, Ian Giles, Jon Bowden & Graham Metcalfe

The Bonny Ship the Diamond

4. The Dubliners

Whiskey In the Jar

5. Fairport Convention

Tam Lin

6. Karliene


7. The Jolly Rogers

Itches In Me Britches*

8. The Amazing Blondel


9. Tia Blake

Polly Vaughn

10. Planxty

Raggle Taggle Gypsy - Tabhair Dom Do Lamh

*Not on Spotify