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Chapter 203: Sundance

Ambient, new age, soundscapes

The best ambient pieces feel like they’ve always existed, emerging from the ground we walk on and the air we breath. That elemental aspect is reinforced by creatively named artists like Gas, Air and Earth. “Königsforst 1” bubbles up like fumes in a deep-forest marsh, making the fizzy lounge of “La Femme D’Argent” sound even lusher in contrast; meanwhile, “Engine Of Ruin” is country music in deep communion with the land itself. Even technological artifacts like William Basinski’s disintegrating tape loops seem to tap into something primordial and ageless.
1. Kitaro


2. Brian Eno

Tal Coat

3. Gas

Königsforst 1

4. Air

La Femme d'Argent

5. Earth

Engine Of Ruin

6. Stars Of The Lid

Don't Bother They're Here

7. Enya

Orinoco Flow

8. Oval

Commerce Server

9. Plastikman


10. William Basinski

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